We hold monthly discussion meetings at the Friends Meeting House, Ship Street, Brighton BN1 1AF.  These meetings are open to everyone.  We like to vary the topics each month, and we are open to suggestions for discussion ideas, email brightonfeminist (at) googlemail.com with your suggestions and for more information.  To cover the cost of hiring the room, there is a £2 suggested donation.

We hold meetings on the fourth tuesday of every month from 7.15 to 9.15pm. Next meetings (2013) are: 

June 25th – The development of gender notions in children
July  23rd – Feminist Poetry
August 27th – Representation of women in art and media

Previous discussion topics have included:

  • Feminist icons
  • How juries respond to rape
  • Transgender women
  • Women only spaces and the role of men in feminism
  • Feminism’s relationship with religion
  • Representation of sexual violence in the media
  • Feminism – activism or academy?
  • Feminist Utopias
  • Misogyny in the media
  • Women and Language
  • Feminist books and writers that have influenced us

We hold regular consciousness raising as well where we can share our experiences in a more personal environment.  These meetings are open to self defined women only.

1 Response to Discussion

  1. tgirald2@gmail.com says:

    Do you still having meetings? How can I have more information?
    Thank you!

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