Feminist Brighton is a campaigning group as well.  We support campaigns and activism that fight for gender equality and that engage people in debate about feminism and women’s rights.  Feminist Brighton is committed to facilitating activism at a local, grassroots level and to supporting national and global campaigns for a fair and equal society for everyone.  If you have a campaign you’d like us to support or host or if you have an idea for a local action get in touch.

Previous actions and campaigns:


International Women’s Day Poetry Flash Mob – Brighton Women Against the Cuts and Feminist Brighton perform Maya Angelou’s inspirational poem Still I Rise

Fawcett Society Don’t Turn Back Time Tea Party

The Fawcett society organised a day of action on the 19th November 2011, a march in London as well as local stalls and tea parties, to highlight the effects of the cuts on women.  It was a call to David Cameron to not turn back time on women’s equality and persist with the service cuts that will have a disproportionate affect on women.  Feminist Brighton hosted a stall in Brighton on this day, outside the Duke of Yorks cinema and had over 200 signatures for the campaign.

Fundraiser for the Poppy Project

In July this year we raised over £700 for the Poppy Project, by holding a tea party and raffle.  It was a beautiful day with cakes, music and games.  Thanks to all who came and made it such a success.

Made in Brighton

In November 2010 we organised a day event of workshops, consciousness raising and discussion.  The aim of the event was to get together with community groups, campaigning and activist networks and other professionals and consider issues in feminism and women’s activism at the moment.  The event was a great success and we hope to organise another one soon.  Here are some pictures from a couple of the workshops.

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