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We are an activist network in Brighton, UK inspired by discussion, debate and action for gender equality and feminist struggle. We run a regular monthly reading and discussion group along with social gatherings in Brighton.

We are a friendly bunch and welcome new people to join us! For more info contact brightonfeminist@googlemail.com

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3 Responses to About Us

  1. diverffm says:

    Calling All Women!

    Last night (Sunday 30.09.12) I was in the Bull Dog on St James with other gay male friends. There were a number of women as per usual in the bar also enjoying the music and dancing.

    One woman started dancing provocatively with some other men who were returning the mood and also enjoying it without being offended. This young woman took her top off during a dance, still wearing a lace black bra and two other men followed suit, taking their shirts off also. The bouncer (straight male) went over to the group and told the girl to put her to put her blouse back on or she would have to leave the bar. The woman was clearly made to feel embarrassed and ashamed at taking off her blouse but adhered to his request as she didn’t want to be thrown out. He didn’t ask the men to dress, so another male went outside to ask him why the males weren’t asked to cover up also.

    Both bouncers (both straight and from Poland) came back into the bar to review the situation and told the guy who had complained that they would have to consult the rule book and still omitted to ask the men to don their shirts. In solidarity I also then took my shirt off and stood at the bar for a while. I then went outside for a cigarette still topless and chatted for a while whilst smoking and chatting to friends. The bouncers watched me and chatted between themselves for a good five minutes then one approached me and told me to put on my shirt. I asked him why I should do this as it is not illegal in the UK for a male or female to be topless as long as a females nipples aren’t uncovered ( which in my view is also ridiculous). He told me that if I didn’t cover up that I would not be allowed to go back into the bar. I then challenged him and said that it was all to do with the problem of the woman being topless to which he replied ‘This is not the place for cheap women to show their breasts’. The woman was not cheap in anyway, just enjoying herself and anyway, what gives a bouncer the right to judge a woman (as many males do) on whether a woman is cheap or not?

    In short, I think it’s ridiculous that any woman should be made to feel ashamed of taking off her shirt on a dance floor and then also be branded as cheap. Especially by heterosexual bouncers in a gay bar. I would like to make a suggestion to take some action and get as many women together as possible to go to the Bull Dog on a week end evening and take off their shirts. It may seem a trite cause but it’s high time that men stopped branding any woman who is having good clean fun as cheap when they are not. Even if we couldn’t get some press to the bar, we could take some photographs to supply the local press with. My mobile is 0781 464 7506 and you have my email address.


    Mark Buchanan

    • Icanseeformiles says:

      Off course it is cheap to be publicly drunk, dancing half naked – it is simply in a very bad taste. What world do you live on? Neither men nor women should do this in regular pubs, it would sadly indicate some type of struggle at least with low self-esteem. But I agree, they all should have been reprimended. Our long tradition of double standards is to blame.
      As a FREE and thinking woman I would not be ‘caught dead’ dancing naked on a table and I strongly object to these strange life lessons you have given above. Devolving and then saying that everything goes is never a good idea. Having respect for oneself is a far more effective and healthy method to bring a positive, long-term change about – respect yourself which in turn will make it much harder to be used, manipulated or conditioned.
      And dragging Poles into this really was low. Say you are sorry for the Yalta Conference fiasco.

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