Pro Choice Demo in Brighton this Saturday

Saturday 28th April, meet at 10.30am, Preston Park

From Brighton Pro Choice:

Anti-choice group SPUC (The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children) are holding a ‘kerbside vigil’ in Brighton on Preston Road (next to Preston Park) as part of a national day of action.

SPUC would like to overturn the current abortion legislation and make all abortion in all circumstances illegal.
This is a group that would also like to ban the use of contraception.

SPUC made the headlines recently by telling schoolchildren that abortion leads to breast cancer and other such medical inaccuracies:

Brighton Pro Choice is organising against SPUC and their fundamentalist principals, and we ask you to join us on Saturday 28th April to counter their ‘vigil’ with us.

Meet 10.30am at the Rotunda Café in Preston Park (next to the rose garden)
(we will then be on Preston Road from 11am-1pm).

Bring signs, banners, placards and yourselves to show them that we will not stand for their anti-choice bigotry. We are the pro choice majority!

Join us in telling them to SPUC OFF!

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