Feminist Brighton Workshop Series – Next Meeting 3rd April

You are invited to…..
Brighton Feminist Group Workshops Series

An intimate, safe space for women, transwomen and queer feminists

At the March 13th meeting of B.Feminist we accepted a proposal to begin a women only workshop series as part of the group´s activities, with the idea of creating greater intimacy among us as women, sharing our stories, and exploring debates in more depth way starting from our selves and our experiences as women and feminists. In this first workshop we hope to identify theme areas to work on during the year, based on our diverse visions and interests. The workshops will be facilitated by B.Feminist members based on participatory methods.

Workshop 1:
Tuesday April 3rd – 6:30pm to 9:30pm
Friends Meeting House
Ship Street Brighton, East Sussex BN1 1AF
Facilitator: Helen Dixon

Who am I and who are we as feminists? What do we share and in what ways to we differ?

Workshop Aims:
1. Share moments in our histories that were key in becoming feminists
2. Identify core values and ideas that we share as feminists as well as differences or dissonances between our particular views of feminism and its meaning.
3. Based on what is shared, establish theme areas for more in depth debate and exploration this year in women only workshops

We will also have a tea and coffee break during the evening.
Maximum no. of participant: 20
Please confirm your participation with

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2 Responses to Feminist Brighton Workshop Series – Next Meeting 3rd April

  1. natalie says:

    Hi cant be there tonight but would like more information of next events please.

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