Next meeting – 13/03/12

Happy International Women’s Day for yesterday! It’s not over yet,
don’t forget we are performing Still I Rise outside Jubilee Library
tomorrow at 1pm, in a flash mob style performance stunt to celebrate
IWD and raise awareness of the impact of the Government’s cuts on
women. Look out for the Samba band!

Then join us and loads of other women’s groups, services, artists at
the Women’s Centre’s Big Day at BMECP, Fleet street (behind Brighton

Next Meeting – 13th February
7-9pm Friends Meeting House.

Discussion – Sexual Harrassment and Assault – how far have we come?

Following incidents of sexual assault on Sussex University Campus, we were invited to attend a meeting of women’s services, University staff and the police to discuss ways forward for tackling this crime. Kerry attended and I’ll bring copies of her report to the meeting.
Possible questions for discussion:
* Are cities and campuses safer now?
* Are police responses adequate and do we trust them to deal with these situations?
* How do we tackle violence against women, particularly sexual assault
and abuse in the long term – what role for the police, and for the
* How should Feminist Brighton respond to this?

BBC launches campaign aimed at stopping teenagers becoming victims of sexual assault.

NUS website and report about sexual violence at university

This is an article in the Argus about one of the allegations that has been deemed false – the woman has been arrested.

These are just a few questions and articles, please forward or bring
more if you can.

We will then have 30-45 minutes to discuss the next round of meetings and our ideas for topics, speakers, films etc. and some plans for some all day workshops over Spring/Summer.

All welcome. 2 pound donation to cover the cost of the room.

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  1. alisonamazed says:

    I think you mean 13th March?

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