Withdraw Support of Abort67

From the Brighton ProChoice site:

As Abort67 have started their 40 Days for Life campaign in Brighton, we launch our counter campaign to remove Abort67 from our streets. AS a step, we’re collecting signatures to present to organisations that support Abort67 in their harassing tactics.

Sign the petition Withdraw all support of Abort67 here.Petition text:“We, the undersigned, condemn the intimidating and aggressive tactics employed by the anti-abortion group Abort67 outside the BPAS Wistons Centre in Brighton.Abort67 tactics include large graphic imagery displayed outside the clinic entrance, giving out misinformation and using physical encircling to try and prevent people from entering the clinic. They target people who are already in a vulnerable position, trying to stop them exercising their legal right to terminate an unwanted pregnancy.

We urge your organisation to withdraw all support, direct or indirect, of Abort67 and their presence in Brighton.”

Please spread widely!

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4 Responses to Withdraw Support of Abort67

  1. Abi says:

    Colin Nichols is responding to emails about Abort67, politely but emphatically refusing to withdraw support. One of his main arguments is that Abort67’s methods are exaggerated and in truth reasonable, and more importantly, successful. I think it is important to present him with evidence of how bad Abort67’s methods are. However, I am unable to find any accounts or videos of Abort67’s behavior. Can anyone help me out? Is anyone aware of evidence that we can show Colin to highlight Abort67’s aggressive and damaging behavior? Many thanks!

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  3. andy burton says:

    Hi Everyone, I’m sure Abort67 would grant you access to all the video of every minute of their demonstrations as they film themselves for protection. I know though that after meeting and seeing these guys that they are wholly peaceful and law abiding. I welcome anyone to come forward with video evidence to the contrary. That’s why all you have is rumour and allegation. I look forward to hearing from you but won’t be holding my breath.
    If there’s nothing wrong with abortion why would you not celebrate these pictures showing the (in your opinion ) great work Wiston’s etc do?

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