News From Eaves

Eaves, the charity that we raised money for at the Feminist Brighton Tea Party last year have sent me their latest newsletter.  There have been some huge changes to Eaves in the last few months so it’s well worth a read.  Because of cuts to public bodies and the funding they have to offer services like Eaves, they have had to dramatically reduce the work that they do in some areas.  This is a reminder of the wide ranging and devastating effects of the cuts to women’s services.  Eaves are no longer able to fund and run the Sojourner project for example, which supported women victims of domestic violence who entered the UK on a spousal visa.  Although they will be supported in a different way by the Home Office, the cuts to this service coupled with the changes to Legal Aid (which will likely reduce the number of family law cases that are eligible for legal aid funding) are having and will continue to have an impact on women’s lives. 

This is a really timely reminder about why we need to continue the fight back against the government’s cuts.  One way to do this is to join Feminist Brighton and Brighton and Hove Women Against the Cuts on 10th March at 12.55pm outside Jubilee Library to perform Maya Angelou’s ‘Still I Rise’.

Eaves are continuing to do some great work despite huge setbacks and encourage anyone who can to support their work.  They have made a contribution to the Leveson Enquiry as part of a consortium of women’s services, critiquing media representation of violence against women – all of this is detailed in the newsletter so please read – Eaves Donor News

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