Brighton Pro Choice

The Brighton Pro Choice group formed last year in response to the
protests by Pro Life group Abort 67 outside the Brighton BPAS clinic.
There have been two meetings now discussing appropriates responses to
the continued attacks on women’s choice and reproductive freedoms.
You can follow them on facebook here:

Here’s details about what they have planned:

In the meeting yesterday that followed up the open meeting last week,
we agreed to do a campaign to counter the “40 days for life” that
Abort67 will have over lent, see here:

Our campaign will include flyers educating the public of what is
happening in Brighton, an e-mail campaign directed towards Worthing
High School (that hosts Worthing Jubilée Community Church), a petition
against the tactics used by Abort67 and more. All written material for
the campaign will be circulated on the list for approval.

Links will be built with trade unions to assist in our “40 days for
choice campaign”. We will also encourage everyone to take part in
Abortion Rights e-mail campaign to e-mail the church and voice our
opinion about their tactics. Please spread

Next meeting is on the 13th February at 6pm at the Cowley Club, 12
London Rd. Brighton.

Get involved – All welcome!

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  1. Laura says:

    Brighton Pro Choice now have a blog

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