Defend Reproductive Rights

Hello just a quick post to mention a couple of pro choice events happening in Brighton and London this month.

Nadine Dorries’ Abstinence Education Bill is receiving a hearing in Parliament on the 20th January. This bill proposes that girls be taught abstinence in school as part of sex education, considering a ‘just say no’ approach will end teenage pregnancies and even sexual abuse. This is a moral crusade, aimed at blaming young women for unplanned pregnancies.

The assult against women’s rights over our bodies doesn’t stop here. Over the past few months there has been an increasing volume of pro life demonstrations outside Brighton’s BPAS clinic (British Pregnancy Advice Service) by protesters linked to the anti choice group Abort 67.

It is crucial that we stand up for reproductive rights at this time and engage in critical discussion about sex and relationship education in schools and women’s rights and controls over our bodies.

Wednesday 11th January – Meeting organisied by the Brighton and Hove Socialist Party discussing Dorries’ Bill and the fight for reproductive rights.
7.30pm, Phoenix Community Centre!/events/319039631461366/


Friday 20th January – Demonstration called by Stop Dorries’ Abstinence for Girls Sex Education Bill and Youth Fight for Jobs calling on the Government to stop the bill.  Assemble Old Palace Yard, Westminster at 10.30am


Monday 30th January – Open meeting to discuss the recent attacks on reproductive choice in Brighton.  6pm Cowley Club!/events/232736060134311/

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