Tackling Media Misogyny, Next Steps

We had a great meeting on Tuesday, thanks to all those who came and gave their thoughts, experiences, frustrations and inspirations. Here is a summary of some of the possible actions we discussed and ideas for next meetings:

Ideas for tackling media sexism
* Report sexist or misogynistic comments on blogs, news websites etc.
* Combat abusive messages sent to women journalists with a video messgae of support. Feminist Brighton would like to put together a video message or picture message to show our support for women journalists who continue to write despite receiving large volumes of abusive commentary and even post to their houses. We’ll discuss this at the next meeting. Email brightonfeminist [at] gmail [dot] com to get involved.

Next meetings
* The next Feminist Brighton discussion meeting is on the 10th January, 7-9pm, Friends Meeting House. Do make suggestions for possible topics, pornography was one discussed on Tuesday.
* We’d like to start a regular film evening. Please email possible film suggestions to brightonfeminist [at] gmail [dot] com. I’ll set up a venue and date for the New Year so watch this space for the film evening.

Thanks and best wishes for the festive season

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