Dont Turn Back Time on Women’s Equality

We had a great meeting last night, thanks to all those who came, it was great to see new comers as well. We had a thought provoking and inspiring discussion about what feminist utopias look like, and how to get there. A pretty big topic with some big questions, but we all agreed that connections need to be made and attention paid to some of the things that are happening now, on our door steps that threaten gender equality.

With this in mind here’s some things we are doing in the next month, and details about how you can get involved:

Fawcett Society Don’t Turn Back Time Tea Party
The Fawcett society are organising a day of action on the 19th November, a march in London as well as local stalls and tea parties, to highlight the effects of the cuts on women. It is a call to David Cameron to not turn back time on women’s equality and persist with the service cuts that will have a disproportionate affect on women. The Fawcett society are suggesting activists dress up in 1950s gear to make a statement that women don’t want to go back to the levels of inequality of the past.

Feminist Brighton are hosting a stall in Brighton on this day, outside the Duke of Yorks cinema. We will be talking to passing people, getting the petition signed, delivering and eating tea and cake. It will be a great day, a fantastic opportunity to highlight the Fawcett’s fantastic piece of research about the affects of the cuts on women, and to spend a few hours hanging out with Feminist Brighton in 1950s costume.

Get involved! Here are some ways to get involved in the campaign, and also some things we really need on the day, get in touch if you can do any of them:
Turn up! – Turn up on the day in or out of costume, the more the merrier. We’ll be there from 11-2, volunteers to hold placards, petitions and cakes are needed for the whole event, and to help clear up. Even if you can only spare 30 minutes or an hour!
Bake. We’ll be selling cakes for donations so if you can come along with a batch of any size, any flavour of cake it would be more than welcome.
Send the invite to your friends.

We also need the following things:
* Tea cups. We’ll be making tea for stall visitors, as this will help us collect donations, and be a great opportunity for a chat. We need mugs and cups for this.
* Fold away chairs. So that people can have a sit down whilst talking about why we need to fight for women’s equality. We need about 4-6 of these.
* Paper napkins and plates. For cakes, tea. We need as many as possible.
* Clipboards to hold the petitions, we need around 4-6 of these.
* Badges. We’d love to have some badges to give stall visitors, so they can show other people how important this campaign is. If you are design minded and can come up with an attractive and provoking design for a badge in a week, we can get it made into badges.

Later today I will be sending invites. Please forward it, tweet it, blog about it, print it and display it, even talk about it as much as possible to ensure we get as many people to the stall as possible on the 19th. Lets get the petition signed and let David Cameron know that we will not sit back and watch women’s equality become a thing of the past.
Can you contact any groups, societies or individuals with an interest in this campaign? Can you put up posters at school, university, your workplace, in pubs and cafes in town, at surestart nurseries, in your front window?

Tea Party Invitation_Brighton-2

Finally, check out the Fawcett’s campaign, The Lift Raft for Women’s Equality:

Other events to get involved in coming up:

UK Feminista Fem 11 conference – 12 November
A few of us are travelling to the conference from Brighton. Get in touch if you’d like to come.

16 Days of Activism Against Violence Against Women
Kerry brought some literature to our meeting yesterday and we heard about all the events happening as part of the 16 days. All these can be found on the blog –

If you have an event or meeting that you’d like advertised on the blog, send me the details and I will post it.

The next meeting – 13th December
Our next meeting is on 13th December, 7-9pm at the Friends Meeting House. If you have an idea for a topic please get in touch. As usual, everyone is welcome to attend the meeting, and to cover the cost of the room we ask for £2 donations.

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