Next Feminist Brighton Meeting

Dear all,

Next Feminist Brighton Meeting
8th November, 7-9pm
Friends Meeting House, Ship Street
All welcome, £2 donation towards the cost of the room

This month’s topic – Feminist Utopias, Feminist Alternatives.
In August we started talking about feminist utopias – what does the feminist future that we are fighting for look like. We discussed doing some more theretical/philosophical reading on this as well, and Rosi Braidotti was suggested. I haven’t been able to find a link to any of her work on the web – if anyone else can please do post it. I’ll try and bring some actual readings to the meeting which we can discuss there and at the December meeting if everyone would like to go forward with it. I have attached a review of her latest book, Transpositions and an interview between Braidotti and Judith Butler where they talk about Eurocentrism within feminism. By no means ‘core reading’ for the meeting these are only intended a

With so many movements of resistance happening at the moment, locally, nationally and globally, looking at a few of these seems like a way of bringing some of Braidotti’s energy for change and dialogue alive. What about the future for activism against violence against women? How can we continue to fight against violence against women and the normalisation of it, in the face of cuts to services, in the face of ideological attacks on women’s rights. Here’s some articles I have stumbled upon:
This was posted a few months ago and is about activists in Brazil working with young men in particular to prevent violence against women
Mexican women resist the normalisation of violence in their culture
Moroccan women challenge violence against women from the bottom up

The discussion part of the meeting will run from 7-8.15 then we will have 45 minutes for ideas for further ideas for action and the next meeting topic, and updates on some of the actions that we have got running at the moment.

The meeting on the 8th is the very last chance to buy raffle tickets to Save Poppy as we’ll be drawing the prize winners in the pub after the meeting. Tickets are just £1 which could win you one of these prizes, and raise money for the Poppy project
Lush shower gift box, spa products, 2x duke of yorks cinema tickets, a cranio tretment, make up consultation for 2 at champneys spa.

Butler and Braidotti – Interview – Feminism By Any Other Name

clare hemmings response transpositions
Hope to see you there

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