Stop the NHS Reforms

This is from my inbox. The time is now to fight the NHS reforms. In Brighton there is an action on 4th September:

Whilst the media has been focused on the recent riots, the Government has been busy with the amendments to the Health and Social Care Bill. This is now being rushed through their Committee stage with a view to a third reading (vote) in the Commons on 6, 7 September. The future of the NHS lies in the hands of a few hundred MPs. This Bill will essentially enable the dismantlement and
privatisation of the NHS. The Government has no mandate for this and the vast majority of the public and health professionals are against it.

We must let our MPs know that if they vote for this bill, then they will be the people responsible for setting in train the destruction of the NHS. And they will have to face the consequences – certainly electorally, but also as individuals. It will be no use their regretting a vote for this Bill as the predicted consequences unfold (remember the Iraq war?). By then it will be too late. Once the NHS is dismantled, it will not be put back together again.

If you’re not sure what’s going on, these websites provide details:

If you haven’t already done so, then WRITE TO YOUR MP NOW. Or even better, arrange to meet with them! See the website for their details and sample letter attached.

Write to your local paper to raise awareness, many don’t know what’s being planned and how soon.

This Bill can still be defeated. Letters to MPs do work!

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