Next meeting – Brighton Men’s Network

The next feminist brighton meeting will be held on the 19th July, 7-9pm at the Friends Meeting House. The topic for discussion will be ‘feminism and equalities’, which has come about from discussions at the end of the last meeting regarding the creation of a new men’s network in Brighton and Hove, and the challenges, or potentials it poses to feminists, and to a discourse on equalities.

Here is the link to their website. There’s a lot to look at but I think there are some particular areas that might be interesting to debate on the ‘background’ tab such as why equalties don’t work for men and boys, and the political and philsophical background. It is intended that the meeting is an opportunity to discuss and debate ideas around feminism’s relationship with arguments about equalities frameworks (should equalities legislation talk about women’s rights for example?) in the context of this local group:

Here are a few articles for context and consideration. I have included some recent news stories around David Cameron’s call for absent fathers to be held to account, and some responses to it, but these are just ideas; any other articles, websites or blogs would be welcome, and I will forward them

This meeting is open to everyone, and as usual there is a £2 suggested donation to cover the cost of using the room.

I hope to see you there

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