Feminist Media and subvertising workshop

At a conference last week I was introduced to this website, grassroots feminism:


It is a transnational project and resource, a place for feminists and people interested in grassroots media can upload their own DIY media, or find links to media and other resources that might inspire their own campaigns.

In the tab ‘digital archives’ there are pages of feminist grassroots activism from all over europe – links to blogs, pages from magazines and information about feminist collectives. For example, there is a page about the spare rib magazines which were launched in 1972, including some of the covers which are always great to look at, and hugely inspiring as a link to our feminist history:

But there’s also a number of resources for feminists creating their own media, and examples from feminists outside of the UK.

Next Saturday we are holding a workshop to come up with some ideas for our subvertising campaign, and to decide on some branding for the group – so I thought some of these examples old and new might provide some food for thought….

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2 Responses to Feminist Media and subvertising workshop

  1. Caroline says:

    Dear Feminist Brighton,

    I am a Masters student in documentary-making and I am working on a film about the representation of women bodies in the Media from 1945 onwards. It would be nice to interview a feminist or someone passionate about the topic that is why I am contacting you as I am myself based in Brighton. If you know anyone who could be interested in the project do get in touch.

    Thank you in advance

    sincerely yours,


    • Hi Caroline. I can circulate an email about this on our distibution list if you would like. I think there would be lots of women interested in your film. If you would like to email brightonfeminist at googlemail.com I can distribute it. And perhaps when its finished you could show it at one of our meetings, I know that lots of us would be interested to see it.

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