brighton women’s health collective

Yesterday I was reminded about the Brighton Women’s Health Collective, and today found their new website:

This collective have been meeting for a few years now and sometimes hold workshops at the Cowley club. They had one in December about consent. The website is pretty new, but there’s a really useful section called ‘resources’ with files of workshops that you can download. I’ve just been reading a workshop about menstrual awareness which takes you through a chart, mapping the progress of your cycle. I think its still really relevant to learn about how to spot changes in your body.

It seems quite pertinent to be reading about the history of the women’s health movement as well, given the proposed changes to the NHS and the existing cuts to be made to the health and social services. The guiding principle of the women’s health collective is for women to be able to take control of their bodies and their health, and this seems as important now as ever before.

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