Feminist Brighton presents…. Made in Brighton, Saturday 20th November – 10am-6pm – Cowley Club, London Road.

Feminist Brighton invites you to Made in Brighton, a day of Feminist discussion and debate, activism and community organising and networking and information sharing.

The case for feminism is as strong as ever. It has been widely and independently reported that women will likely bear the brunt of the unveiled public spending cuts; women that rely on benefits to support their families, and women who will be disproportionately affected by public sector pay cuts. The equality act, unveiled this month as partial, will continue to condone the massive gender pay gap by not legislating employers to conduct gender pay audits. This legislation will unfairly affect transwomen who will have their rights in the workplace undermined. Focussing on these political debates in the context of our local community and what work can be done in Brighton and Hove, Made in Brighton is a day of discussion and debate flanked by practical ideas for change and action.

Workshops will include:
– Introduction to women’s services in Brighton and Hove and how they have been affected by the cuts to public services.
– Green party councillor Alex Phillips will be talking about the work she has been doing in her ward on violence against women.
– Queermutiny.
– Consciousness raising session.
– Creative writing session and zine making workshop.

Feminist Brighton is a feminist collective which has evolved out of the Brighton feminist reading group which began in 2008. At monthly meetings the group has met to discuss contemporary debates, reading from multiple sources including academic texts, new media and online blogs. From these debates some members began to question the relationship between feminist philosophy and the practice of running women’s services in local communities and the place of activism and feminist struggle in our society. Feminist Brighton is the manifestation of these debates, a collective that embraces feminist action and organising, debate and discussion, consciousness and inspiration. Made in Brighton is an opportunity to launch and explore these ideas, to bring together people already working towards gender equality in Brighton and Hove, and those who are inspired to do so.

Everyone is welcome to attend the event, all genders are invited to attend the sessions and participate in the workshops. Consciousness raising will be women only.

The event is free but we will accept donations towards the cost of putting the event on.

Unfortunately we are unable to provide a crèche for this event, but children are welcome to all workshops except the consciousness raining session.


Facebook – Feminist Brighton

Email – brightonfeminist@googlemail.com

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